Alma Elliott
staff Editor
  • Passionate Video Editor and Animator with more than 7 years' experience.
  • Make a series of impressive Brand videos, Tutorials videos and 2D Animation videos for DemoCreator.
  • Provide creative ideas for Video Recording and Editing development.
  • Enthusiast for traveling, drawing and video shooting.
Experience & Education
Work Experience & Education

In 2008 Alma entered School of Cinematic Arts to study Movies and Animation. During the four years of university life, she studied to tell stories with video, practice a lot of video and audio effects, constantly explore fresh approached to visual communication. The more she explored, the more she comes to like video and audio editing.


Alma Elliott has been working along with our Wondershare team. The enthusiasm for arts and music grew her role within DemoCreator to become an expert to make knowledge-sharing videos, How-to videos, 2D Animations videos and other eye-catching videos. She deeply involved in all video production process, including footage writing, dialogue, sound effect, graphics and special effects, and she is good at finding and proposing screen recording solutions, combining with actual usage scenarios.


In 2013,Alma dabbled in video and audio editing as a member of Wondershare. She's ready for sharing her insight, championing movie editor users by offering elegant video recording and editing solutions to their creative and business challenges, help to design an all-in-one video recording and editing tools that supports sharing to social to save users' time.


In her spare time, she practices photography, drawing and traveling. She believes that art comes from life, so she traveled to different countries, experiencing local customs to stimulate her creativity. Asia will be her next destination!

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