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Oliva spent her college life in Ithaca, New York, USA. During her college, she completed all the required courses successfully and excellently as a Journalism and Communication major. She is never limited to the knowledge of her major, and loves to explore and research more fresh and interesting work.


Oliva has been working along with Wondershare team for 6 years, who is the editor of writing team for DemoCreator. She started writing in college, content creation, structure writing, content analysis and marketing are her main skills. Besides, she is particularly proficient in making complicated steps into demo videos to explain, which made the solutions be more easy to understand.


Oliva is a professional writer with 8 years' experience. Because of her professional foundation, she has a keen insight into the article. She has mastered the basic essentials of writing, so she can quickly grasp the information of other industries.


In her spare time, Oliva fond of taking vlog. She'd like to record and share some interesting things. Also she is an avid lover for reading and travelling. Except professional book, she also read plenty of books that involves different disciplines.

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