DemoCreator v5.0 is Coming

Buy it from May 20th and get the upgrade on June for free.

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More Advanced Recording Features

The new version of DemoCreator comes with AI matting technology, which helps recognize your face easily.
Moreover, there are more options in the recording options to improve users’ experiences.

3 Recording
Modes Available

There are 3 options in the recording panel: new recordings, screen capture and game recording. New recordings will capture screen, audio and webcam; Screen capture will only record screen and audio; Game recording will detect the running game and start to proceed fast.

Improved Game
Recording Mode

The game recording mode will detect the running games on your computer and start to record easily. It also displays 7 popular games for users to get started quickly.

AI Face Recognition

Embedded with AI face recognition technology, the software will automatically recognize your face and melt it into the screen to make your recording lively.

Webcam Recorder

You are allowed to set up the webcam mirror direction, and the style of the frame before recording to customize the facecam capturing.

Record and Edit Videos
in Multiple Tracks

DemoCreator now allows you to record audio and video in different tracks, and also edit the audio and video clip in multiple tracks.

Create and Edit Videos Easier than Ever

Embedded with more animations, motion effects, transitions and audio effects,
DemoCreator is aimed to make video editing easy for everyone.

Face Recogition
Editing Effects

You can easily apply the facial recognition to the videos to erase the background of the portrait. It also allows you to add mask, mirror, cinema, and mosaic effects to the videos as needed.

6 Animation Effects
for Text

Forget the normal text annotations, you can apply different animation effects to your text while editing videos, these effects including typewriter, cinema style, rich tick, random, pixelate and cross zoom.

50+ Built-in
Transition Effects

This easy-to-use video editor provides you rich transition effects, such as box turn, dissolve, erase, flash etc. Moreover, you can also download your desired transitions from the cloud.

20+ Built-in
Audio Effects

DemoCreator offers more than 20 sound effects to make your videos vivid. You can add the proper effects to any kinds of videos,
such as education, gaming, daily life. The main sound including questions, boo, drum., video game jump, game over, thunder, and wind.

Video Export Options

The screen video recorder gives you 2 options to export the video clips, you can export the videos directly after recording or edit it and then export to the local folder or YouTube.

8 Motion Effects
for Images and Videos

To make your video clips more stunning and attractive, DemoCreator provides you 8 popular motion effects, including boom, spin, fly to zoom in, stretch in and zoom in, fly in and fade out, drop, fade slide and flip up.

Customize Brand

Adding a watermark to videos is a great way to protect the copyright. DemoCreator offers an easy watermark tool,
which allows users to customize a text or image watermark to their videos.

Better Performance in
DemoCreator 5.0

We've been continuing to improve the performance of DemoCreator from stability, response time, CPU usage, and usability to serve our customers better. This new 5.0 version is more stable and responsive and will definitely bring a better experience.

Users Note:

1. The subscriber users will get the upgrade automatically for free
2. Perpetual license users will need to $15 for 5.0 upgrade

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