User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

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Keyboard shortcuts list (Mac)

In this page, you can learn the shortcuts about DemoCreator for Mac.


  Start/Stop Shift+Cmd+2  
  Pause/Resume Opt+Cmd+2  
  Full Screen Recording Shift+Cmd+F  
  Add Marker Ctrl+M  
  Screen Drawing Ctrl+D  
  Cut Cmd+X  
  Copy Cmd+C  
  Paste Cmd+V  
  Delete Del(Backspace)  
  Play/Pause  Space   
  Split Cmd+B  
  Freeze Frame Opt+F  
  Add Marker Cmd+M  
  Delete Marker Del(Backspace)  
  Select Same Color Group Opt+Tilde (~)  
  Select Multiple Clips Cmd+click clip  
  Select Range of Clips Shift+click clip  
  Select Entire Track   Double-click track name
  Go ahead 1 frame Right arrow  
  Go ahead 1 second Shift+Right arrow  
  Go back 1 frame Left arrow  
  Go back 1 second Shift+Left arrow  
  Go ahead to next edit Down arrow  
  Go back to previous edit Up arrow  
  Go to first frame of project Fn+Left arrow  
  Go to last frame of project Fn+Right arrow  
  Zoom In Timeline Cmd+Plus sign (+)  
  Zoom Out Timeline Cmd+Minus sign (-)  
  Zoom Fit Project or Selection Shift+Z Middle mouse click within timeline
  Pan the timeline Right mouse hold and drag within timeline
  Ripple Delete Shift+ Del(Backspace)
Wondershare DemoCreator
Preferences Cmd+,
  Quit Cmd+Q  
  New Project Cmd+N  
  Open Project Cmd+O  
  Save Project Cmd+S  
  Save Project as... Shift+Cmd+S  
  Undo Cmd+Z  
  Redo Shift+Cmd+Z  
  Cut Cmd+X  
  Copy Cmd+C  
  Paste Cmd+V  
  Delete Del(Backspace)  
  Enable Canvas Snap Opt+S  
  Rapid value adjustment  
  Fine value adjustment  
  Online Help F1  
  Show/Hide Media Panel Cmd+Left arrow  
  Show/Hide Inspector Panel Cmd+Right arrow