User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

  • For Windows
  • DemoCreator Screen Capture

    Open DemoCreator and select Capture, then you can set your recording parameters (size of recording region, audio settings, webcam, etc.).

    get started


    In this window, you can customize your recording settings. For example, you can choose your recording region and your frame rate. You can also set up hotkeys through this window.

    1. Screen Setup

    In the Screen tab, you can:

    • Choose whether to record your full screen, a customized region of your screen, or a specific target window
    • Indicate whether you'll be recording a game
    • Choose your frame rate (from 15 to 120 fps)

    screen setup

    2. Audio Setup

    You can choose whether or not to record audio from both your computer and microphone. Both will be recorded by default, but you can change that by selecting Don't Capture next to either.

    democreator audio

    3. Camera Setup

    You can record from a webcam in addition to recording your screen. In the Camera tab, you can:

    • Choose your camera
    • Choose the resolution you want to record
    • Choose a frame rate for your camera recording

    democreator camera mode

    4. Advanced Setup

    In the Advanced tab you can:

    • Choose where to save your files to
    • Choose different encoder: AVC or FastJPG
    • Set up hotkeys

    advanced setup

    To Record Screen

    Click the Start Capturing button or press F10 on your keyboard to begin recording. If you want to stop the recording, press F10 again.

     to record screen

    After clicking the Start Capturing button or pressing F10, DemoCreator will count down 3 seconds before it starts recording your screen.

    ready to record

    To pause your recording, click the Pause Capturing button or press F9. You can resume recording by pressing F9 again.

    The recording will be saved to the specified location and opened in Editor Interface.

    To Change Recording Area

    By default, DemoCreator will record your full screen. To customize your recording area, drag the border to adjust the size of the region and click+drag the red circle to reposition your recording region. You will be able to make precise adjustments to your region size using the magnifier. You can switch back to recording the full screen by pressing Shift+F.

    change recording area 

    You can also change the size of your recording area through the Recorder window.

     recorder window