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Ultimate Guide about Best Screen Recorder for Zoom Meeting

Olive Eve
2020-11-18 15:04:01 • Filed to: Screen Recording Tips

The Zoom video conferencing app is often used for online meetings, especially when people cannot meet personally. It offers the option to record all meetings that you can refer to later, making it the best meeting recorder. So, it not only helps in communication but also in improving your work or school performance.

Unfortunately, this option requires permission from the host. Therefore, you do not have the freedom to record the meeting, especially if the host has disabled the recording option in the settings. Luckily, there are many meeting recorders for Windows and Mac, and iOS and Android devices at your disposal.

Part 1
Top 10 Free Mac and Win PC-based Recorders for Zoom Meetings

First of all, let's introduce 10 kinds of screen recording software suitable for Windows or Mac PC.


Filmora9 is a famous tool due to its ability to edit videos and support 4K videos. However, what you may not know is that it allows you to record your webcam and so, you may not need third-party applications. Additionally, you can record your desktop, making among the best meeting recorders for Mac and Windows PC. It gives you the option to record a segment or window of the screen, or the entire screen. After recording, enjoy professional editing.


Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator is the most recommended meeting recorder for Windows and Mac computers since it captures any desktop activity. It is perfect for professionals as well as beginners because it does not need technical skills to operate. The built-in editor functions well, allowing you to edit clips using its full editing suite before sharing it with fellow associates. This recorder can use 2 devices, the camera, and webcam simultaneously, and hence captures you and the rest of the crew in the zoom meeting.

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Free Download
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Windows 10 Game Bar

If you are using a Windows computer, you do not need to get another application to record your zoom meetings. Simply upgrade it to Windows 10, and you will have a Windows 10 Game bar, a program that captures the computer screen. The process of how to record zoom meetings is simple; access the application through the Windows and G keyboard functions at the same time and then hit the Record utility. Open the zoom meeting window and recording will proceed.

windows 10 game bar

QuickTime Player

Similarly, Mac also has an easy way to record zoom meetings, through QuickTime Player. How to record zoom meetings with this program is also simple. Simply open it, go to the File menu and click New Screen Recording. Proceed to the Record function when ready and then continue with the zoom meeting. This application may not set the frame rate for video or allow you to choose the screen area to record. However, it is a free and easy option.

quicktime screen recording

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerful recorder for Windows zoom meeting with a clean interface. It allows you to record the meeting without time limitations, and so it is the perfect choice when the meeting lasts long. The easy to read interface makes it suitable for beginners. In case unwanted noises are captured during screen recording, you can use the audio mixer to exclude them through suppression. It also allows you to choose the preferred monitor resolution to get the desired quality.

obs screen recorder


Screencast-O-Matic is also among the most reliable and best meeting recorders for Windows and Mac. It is unique because it allows you to speed up your footage and also has a built-in editor that modifies recordings. Since a zoom meeting may include several members, it can help you in focusing on the speakers by incorporating blurs in the video. If you wish to share the meeting recording with other professionals, do it directly on YouTube without downloading the clip.



VLC refers to a cross-platform media player with various capabilities, including video editing and meeting recording. This Mac and Windows free and best meeting recorder can support both h.265 and h.264 codecs. As soon as you acquire the recording you can edit it by rotating, cutting, cropping, and flipping the file. As you blur some components to maintain focus on the most important areas, you can also normalize the sound volume and apply effects like motion and water, and add text.

vlc desktop window


ScreenFlow is also one of the best meeting recorders for Mac. It captures the highest quality screen recordings and allows you to record multiple screens simultaneously because sometimes one screen is hardly enough. As you take and record the zoom meeting, you can use the multiscreen recording feature to capture a live podcast or online show to watch later. It also comes with an easy to understand editing interface that helps you in adjusting and revising the recorded zoom meeting.



Camtasia is another recommended meeting recorder for Windows and macOS that records anything on your computer, including a zoom conference. Aside from zoom meetings, it can record presentations, websites, webinars, product pages, and software. Using the screen recordings you can create training material, YouTube tutorials, and other quality work to help others seeking knowledge. Additionally, you can modify the recorded footage using cursor effects, animations, callouts, music, and different color schemes. Camtasia further enables you to share the footage online.



Movavi is also a great meeting recorder for Mac since it is recommendable when you need to capture tutorials for business. So, you can use it to screen record Skype interviews or conference calls that have an impact on your work. After capturing the screen recording you can edit using the advanced tools such as filters, green screen, and slow-motion effects, to create more desirable business tutorials. You can make adjustments and then share them with other interested parties.


Part 2
Top 7 Free iOS and Android Apps to Record Zoom Meetings

Next, I would like to recommend 7 of the most popular zoom meeting recording App for Android or iOS mobile phones.

iOS built-in Screen Recorder

If you wish to record a zoom meeting on iOS, the first tool you should consider is the built-in recording app found on iPads and iPhones. It enables you to capture all activities on the device screen and provides quality videos. The process of how to record zoom meetings is easy; start the new meeting, access Control Centre and long-press the Screen Recording button to start recording. The controls will be visible so that you can pause, resume, or stop at wish.

ios-screen recording

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen screen recorder is the best meeting recorder for Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy. It records the screen in 1080p resolution and is easy to operate. Additionally, it stores the recording on the external SD card, to save your phone's storage space and make it easy to transfer to your computer. To use it, start the zoom meeting and select Mobizen’s floating icon. Start capturing using the Record function and then use the Stop utility to end the recording session.


AZ Screen Recorder

You can also use the AZ screen recorder to capture your zoom meeting on your Android phone. It is quite a simple yet powerful app since it can record videos in Full HD resolution. It also records external and internal sound and captures the screen and footage from the front camera simultaneously. Most users like it because it has no time limits, which is convenient when zoom meetings last longer than expected. With a simple shake, the app will stop screen recording.

az screen recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam screen recorder is a tool that functions perfectly in Android phones. It captures the screen and also records audio, hence creates a great recorded video. It is preferable when recording zoom meetings because it allows you to choose a resolution, bitrate, and frames per second so that you can acquire the quality and video size that you desire. It is the best meeting recorder you will find for your Android phone because it is free and does not have ads.


RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe is another unique screen recorder for Android phones that records the screen and audio. This free tool is also among the best meeting recorders because it does not limit your recording time, and does not put a watermark on videos. Additionally, it produces HD quality, which has up to 60fps, 1080p, and 32 Mbits/s bitrate, and functions properly with rooted and unrooted devices. This screen recorder has a microphone and internal audio, separately, and mixed. You can pause and resume recording.

recme free screen recorder

MNML Screen Recorder

MNML also qualifies as a reliable zoom meeting recorder, considering that it is free and open-source. It provides you with a beautiful and easy to use interface, which comes with black and white menus. Although the application does not have internal audio support for Android 10 gadgets, it records audio from the microphone. Additionally, it does not have annoying ads, hence ensures your meeting goes smoothly. After granting the storage permissions and screen overlay, hit the recording button to proceed.

mnml screen recorder

Screen Recorder-No Ads

As the name suggests, Screen recorder-No ads do not interrupt your zoom meeting with advertisements. It comes with a clean user interface and does the most basic tasks perfectly, such as taking screenshots quickly. It is one of the best meeting recorders because it captures audio internally and from the speakers as well. Additionally, it supports facecam for back and front cameras, as it screen records. At the same time, the edit overlay features allow you to draw notes onto your screen.

screen recorder no ads


The above introduces you to the 17 most popular screen recording tools , which can easily help you record the content of zoom meetings. Of course, in addition to recording zoom meetings, you can also record any picture you want to record, such as PPT presentations, tutorials, YouTube videos, etc. Among them, if you often use the computer, it is recommended that you download Wondershare DemoCreator. Because it can not only record computer screens but also for video editing, which is very practical. More importantly, all these features can be experienced in the free version. Do you want to try it?

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