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Facecam has become an integral part of communication purposes through live video. Due to this popularity, several users have incorporated it into their daily life. There are many instances where users find it difficult to capture their faces during a live video recording and gameplay video.

Furthermore, it becomes frustrating because you do not have an option to record these videos. But, all thanks to Facecam and screen recorders, you can now easily capture videos, record streamline video, and record during gameplay. Screen recorder with Facecam helps in focusing your face and shoulder area while playing games and recording. This is why; a majority of users opt for Facecam recorders to make their videos effective.

Facecam recorder helps game players to capture their reactions while playing games that grab the attention of viewers. Moreover, you can use this online tool for attending online meetings through video calls and communicate with anyone face-to-face.

Facecam and screen recorder can make your content more appealing and interactive for your viewers. By using a Facecam recorder, you can easily add footage to your videos for more user engagement. However, choosing the best Facecam screen recorder is vital. Here you can learn about some excellent Facecam for PC that can meet your desired needs.

1. DemoCreator

If you want to have an excellent video recording and editing, it is best to take the help of DemoCreator. It is packed with great features that can fulfill all your requirements. This amazing tool helps you to create presentable videos that can attract the attention of viewers. DemoCreator is designed to help users to make videos according to their way.

It is a well-build recording and editing tool that provides hassle-free working experience to users. You can perform plenty of operations through this online tool like screen recording to capture HD videos, import and export your videos, and do perfect editing using its great features.


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You will not notice any compatibility issues with DemoCreator software. Anyone can use this easy-to-use recording tool without requiring any advanced skills. With this effective software, you can prepare detailed videos using its creative tools and video editing features.

You can perfectly capture desktop activities and record your voice through a microphone or computer's sound card. This tool is highly useful for professional recordings such as Skype calls, class lectures, webinars, games, and much more. You can do live video recording with Facecam app and share it on different social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Choose area and record- With DemoCreator, you are not restricted to a specific area. It completely depends on you to select a portion as per your needs. It allows the capturing of any selected region at the beginning of the screen recording activity. Moreover, there is no size limitation for your videos and once saved, you can perform editing based on your requirements.
  • Webcam overlay- If you wish to add your video to the recording video, it can be done through this tool. You can record a video using your computer's webcam and attach it to your recording video. Since it can record live streams, you can easily capture live demos and share them with others.
  • Add your voice- DemoCreator allows voice recording, where you can record your voice through a microphone and add it to your videos.
  • Improved game recording- If you want to share your gameplay skills, this tool is a great solution. It consists of an upgraded recording mode that helps you to record graphics from a game.
  • Support different formats- Adding images, music, and videos are quite common when recording videos. The formats may vary every time; however, with DemoCreator, it is possible to add plenty of components because it supports various formats.
  • Excellent video editor- You can create attractive videos by using video editing features available with DemoCreator. It consists of brilliant features that include effects, annotations, transitions, captions, stickers, and impressive cursor effects.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a leading screencasting software that allows you to create understandable and instructional videos efficiently. You can perform webcam recording and screen recording on different devices. This user-friendly tool consists of built-in video editing and hosting tools that you can use to make videos for tutorials, online training, marketing videos, and much more.

screencast o matic

Screencast-O-Matic is designed with a simple interface that any user can use without needing any special skills. It is packed with innovative features that can be used for screencasting. You can use this amazing tool for recording screen using your webcam, edit video recordings, and add narration to the videos.

Whether you need to make videos for your social media profiles, prepare an online course, or compelling marketing videos, it offers a complete solution to all your needs. Due to its easy-to-use feature, even beginners can create screencast videos effectively.

One of the most important things about Screencast-O-Matic is its reasonable pricing. Compared to its price, it provides ample features that can meet your desired requirements. Moreover, it is a great option for schools and working teams to video recording and editing solutions. The videos created using Screencast-O-Matic can be directly uploaded on Youtube and saved to Google Drive.

Key Features

  • Capture screen- The easy-to-use screen recording feature allows capturing of any screen area. You can add narration via microphone and videos through your webcam to customize your videos. Besides, you can share outputs easily and faster.
  • Simple UI- You can access this tool easily because it comes with a simple interface. The straightforward mechanism helps to figure our tools without any issue.
  • Record screen and webcam together- Screencast-O-Matic software helps record screen and webcam together at the same time. Thus, you don't require any additional tools for recording accumulation.
  • Add explanatory components- With Screencast-O-Matic, you can access to annotations and drawing tools that can help to make your videos more attractive. You can take the help of these functions to create an interactive video that offers a deeper understanding of your content.
  • Record games- It allows recording of games during gameplay by using a Facecam to showoff other players without creating any effect on the gameplay. Furthermore, you can record Facecam by using a webcam up to 1080 resolution.
  • Secure backup- This excellent recoding tool offers secure backup for your videos. You can find a dedicated space available with this software, where you can store your recordings safely. Video management becomes easier with Screencast-O-Matic.

3. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player was primarily designed for the Mac OS X platform. It is a fully-featured media player that can also act as a screen recording tool. You can record screen with just a few clicks on this media player. QuickTime Player allows screen recording solutions, unlike other screencasting software.


It helps to record screen, webcam, and even both simultaneously. The designing of this media player was done, keeping in mind about the beginners. It doesn't need advanced skills for its operation. The easy-to-use interface is suitable for those users who are new to this tool.

QuickTime Player is a flexible media player capable of handling different audio, video, and image formats across all platforms. You can edit videos and share them with others on the internet easily.

Also, you get two options for screen recording with this software, the first option allows capturing of the whole screen, and the second option allows capturing of a particular area/portion.  Moreover, you can choose from these two options according to your requirements. Along with videos, you get access to audio recording options along with customized narration. For audio recording, you can record your voice with a microphone's help and attach it to your existing videos.

Key Features

  • Easy screen recording- As mentioned above, you get two options for screen recording for faster and easier outputs. Using these options, you can choose a browser window or any specific application for recording displayed content. QuickTime provides you with options for audio capturing that you can select based on your suitability. This option is available when you have more audio devices connected to your computer.
  • Zero-configuration streaming- QuickTime Player consists of zero-configuration streaming that helps to determine connection speed automatically. In case your connection is lost, it will automatically get reconnected. There is a step-by-step broadcast guide available with this tool that you can use for video file streaming.
  • Comfortable interface- QuickTime comes with an easy-to-use interface and a user-friendly design that provides optimum comfortability to the users. It is considered as a great option for starters and users who want more comfort. Due to its simple interface, you can open and edit files by clicking on the File and Edit button to display all required items.
  • Edit movie- Along with screen recording, you can use QuickTime Player for movie editing. It can split movies into short clips and rearrange them within a movie. Besides, you can trim, ad, and flip a movie or clip according to your needs. You can also use this software to attach multiple clips simultaneously.
  • Easy forward and backward- One of the essential features of QuickTime is its convenience. You can use the trackpad to move forward and backward by simply using your two fingers to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward your video.
  • Languages and subtitles- With QuickTime Player, you get the options to change languages and subtitles via 'View" menu. Moreover, you can select from submenus and add preferred language to your videos.

4. Ezvid

Ezvid is a popular screen capturing and recording software with Facecam for Windows across the world. You can start recording the screen by using its 'Screen Capture' button. With this tool, you can create high-quality audio and video recording. It consists of an inbuilt video editor that can be used for adjusting recorded videos according to your preference and style.


Moreover, you can take help of the Ezvid tool for editing pre-recorded videos. It comes with an innovative approach to provide users a different screen recording experience. Also, you can discover a monitoring screen along with a timeline in Ezvid's primary interface. Now, you can use to preview recorded footage and perform faster editing.

Ezvid doesn't let your footages get ruined with watermarks, and its simple interface allows hands-free recording by using keyboard shortcuts. You will not require an additional tool when you have Ezvid because it comes with an inbuilt editor, voice recorder, and text-to-speech functionality.

With Ezvid, you can carry out screen recording up to 45 minutes comprehensively with music tracks, voice, and webcam videos. Although it doesn't allow file saving to your computer, it is still popular among users. Also, you can use a hard drive to store all your videos.

Key Features

  • Editing functions- The inbuilt editing tool helps you to make smoother recordings. You can edit videos effectively, such as adding texts, images, voice, and music. Furthermore, you make changes in the speech. The video editing filters are advanced to make your videos more attractive. You can make entertaining and useful videos using this application for high-quality results.
  • Screen capture- Ezvid allows screen capturing for the complete screen by default in its basic settings. But with the advanced settings, you can access microphone capture, transparent mode, webcam capture, headset mode, and desired area capture. A drawing tool is available to carry out real-time screen capture.
  • Voice recording- You can use the microphone to record audio individually and add it to the timeline. You must have proper positioning when adding audio to the timeline. There are plenty of preset voice FX options available with Ezvid that you can use to enhance your videos.
  • Easy UI- Ezvid is designed with an easy-to-use interface that helps users with proper navigation.
  • Audio tracks- Ezvid offers 60 preloaded audio tracks to its users to use on their videos to make it more appealing.
  • Game recording- You can find a game recording option with Ezvid software that explains how to record full-screen games during the gameplay. This option gets activated once you run the game in window mode. Moreover, the software will ask for your confirmation while playing and direct you towards getting details about it.

5. Bandicam

Bandicam is an excellent option for Facecam recording and packed with powerful features that allow screen recording time and gameplay videos. Whether you want to perform Skype call recording or simple screen recording, this outstanding tool offers multiple modes to meet your desired needs.


You can use Bandicam for recording video tutorials, online presentations, game sessions, Facecam recordings, class lectures, and much more. Since this amazing software is packed with upgraded features, it helps you create videos leading to more user engagement. Moreover, if you are a game player looking for a recording Facecam, Bandicam is a great solution to your needs.

It is a powerful screen recording tool that can help you record Facecam with a single click. It lets you capture everything on your computer screen with high resolution up to 4K. Moreover, it allows audio recording in different tracks separately though microphone and Facecam.

Bandicam is considered a versatile and advanced program that helps in creating videos with high-quality. The easy-to-use interface offers more convenience while navigating through various options without any issue. Also, you can save information easily in this program and access it later. Bandicam is mostly preferred by bloggers, marketers, vloggers, and trainers because of its multiple functions.

Key Features

  • Record HD videos- You can record 4K ultra HD videos using the Bandicam tool with 3840 x 2160 resolutions and an optimum 120 frames/second frame rate. Along with optimized performance, it allows gameplay recording for over 24 hours.
  • It consists of a screen recording mode that helps to record your desktop screen along with different applications. You can record the whole screen or a specific portion based on your needs.
  • Real-time drawing- The real-time drawing features can be activated in screen recording mode, where you can draw on your computer screen. This function allows the resizing and moving of your drawing object. You can add boxes, arrows, numbers, and highlights simultaneously at the time of recording.
  • Webcam overlay- With this feature, you can include your webcam video and add it to your existing recording video. Moreover, Bandicam offers logo addition and webcam overlay into its advanced settings to take webcam screenshots.
  • Multi-channel recording- Bandicam provides a multi-channel recording feature where you can simultaneously perform screen and audio recording.
  • Simple UI- Bandicam comes with a simple user interface, where you can switch from one mode to another easily. Furthermore, you can have access to all available settings to fulfill your recording needs.


Create high-quality videos using face, voice, and screens are now easy with the above mentioned Facecam recording tools. However, it becomes necessary to opt for the best tool that can meet your exact requirements.

You must have collected the required information through this post regarding suitable tools to provide effective outputs and fit your needs. Now, you can pick from any of the above tools and carry out your works. All these amazing recording software have high-demand in the market. Make your screen recording easier and faster through these fantastic and feature-packed recording tools. Choose your perfect tool to get started. 

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