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The advancement of technology has increased the development of social site applications. Nowadays, most people spend their time on social sites for communication and fun. Facebook is one of them where you can find people from every age group. This is one of the most favourite platforms for teenagers.

But because of some online bullies and online frauds, your kids may face some tough situations. So, it will be necessary to keep your eyes on your kid's social activities. If you are a parent, then you should be conscious of their social life. Here we discuss an application or a tool that helps you monitor your child's social activities for solving your problem. Screen record Facebook story is a tool that can record all your kids' activities in their device.

It is an ultimate and robust tool that allows you to monitor the mobile remotely with a live screen recording facility. Moreover, if you want to record your kids' activities on the Facebook messenger, this tool to video record facebook story will be helpful for you. For this, you have to install this tool on your device and check all your kids' activities.

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Why Record a Facebook Story

The Facebook story is the newly developed facility provided by Facebook, where the users can generate their pictures and videos for a short period. The story will disappear after 24 hours. Anyone can share their story through Facebook. The parents always want to take care of their child, and that's why sometimes they will extra protective towards their child.

If you are a parent, then you can record the stories of Facebook of your children for later use. Recording a Facebook story can help you later. You can provide it as digital evidence also. Most of the employers also use this tool to record their employee's activities.

Benefits for parents

As you read earlier, it is the most favourite platform for teenagers. But it may leave some harmful effects on your teenagers. The cyberbullying, threats, and sexual abusiveness are the common things that are happening in such platforms. So, with the help of a screen record Facebook story, they can keep their eyes on to their children.

Benefits for individuals

If you want to spy on someone's Facebook account, for example, your boyfriend/girlfriend remotely, then it will be the best tool for you. It is not a good thing to break someone's privacy, but if you want to protect them from other cybercrimes, then you can try this. With this, you can protect your loved ones by recording real-time videos.

Benefits for employers

In most companies, the employers' usually provide gadgets to the employees for official works. They provide these gadgets to solve the customer's queries. With this tool, you can keep their record on your mobile. With this tool's help, you can check their online activities and check whether they complete their job perfectly or not.

Is it Legal to Record Someone's Facebook Story

This is the most asking questions by the people they want to know whether Facebook notifies the people if someone records their story or not? Well, Facebook doesn't notify that person if you record their story or screen by using a screen record Facebook story. There are not any features where you can know the people behind this. Breaking or disrespecting someone's privacy is not a good thing, and it is illegal to do. But if you are performing such things to protect your loved ones, you can do this.

Most of the parents and employers use such tools to record their nearest and dearest ones' activities. So, if you want to spy or record someone's facebook story, then try this but don't do any illegal things which can make you in trouble. You can use this tool to help someone. You can use this tool to save your kids from social threats, child abuse, or sexual harassment. By doing these things, you can change someone's life in a good way. 

You can save someone from cyberbullying, but if you use such tools for bad activities, you can face serious issues. When you install this software by visiting the website, you should learn about their privacy policies and conditions. They wrote that they are not responsible for any immoral or illegal activities by their users. So, follow the rules and conditions of the software before and then accept their terms. 

How to Record Facebook Story Video

You can record the Facebook story videos from the Wondershare DemoCreator easily. If you are a beginner, then here we provide you with a proper user guide, which will help you in the future.

So, to record this, you have to follow certain points or steps which we will describe in the below area:

    • At first, you have to download software and then open it on your window. You can start this by clicking the capture button.

democreator interface

    • After this, a small window will open where you can adjust the size of the screen which you want to record. You can set the values of length and breadth manually.

customize recording area

    • Now select the recording device. You can also open or close the webcam and microphone or system mic as per your need.
    • To stop the recording, you can press F10, and for pause and resume, you have to press F9. After the recording is done, it will take you to the window editor to edit the video as per your preference and then import it.

start recording

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By reading the above points now, you can understand how a screen recorder's Facebook story is helpful for you and how you can record any one's screen with the Wondershare DemoCreator tool's help.

If you also want to try such tools to protect your loved ones from cyberbullies and cyber threats or any other issues, visit such websites, download, and install the applications on your device by understanding their policies and guidelines. If you accept their guidelines, then you can move further, but without your acceptance, you don't have access to do the above-discussed things.

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