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Nowadays, screen recorders have progressed significantly, and there are currently some amazing screen recorders available that can catch all that is going on your screen with some of them free, and some with no such restrictions. In any case, OBS Studio is an ideal decision for experts and gamers, there are other fit alternatives to OBS, that merit such features. Here in this article, we will discuss such powerful tools that have outnumbered the market stakeholders in the screen recording niche so you can have a better understanding of OBS alternatives in 2020 as the technology uprises.

The advancement in the video editing and screen recording industry has made us all surprised about what's coming up next. Till now, we have certain tools that have all-in-one specifications to the daily video needs. Wondershare DemoCreator is just a perfect match to be on top of the OBS studio alternatives list. In addition to that, we have further discussed more of such tools in this article so if you're looking for the one which is an all-in-one package for your screen recording purposes, then this is the best place for you.

OBS Alternatives: Need of the hour

If you just need to catch a couple of moments of the video clip, a clearer and user-friendly software may be all you need. For that specific purpose, OBS alternatives might be your point of aim but if you want to add more functionalities to your screen recording supervisor, which have all the advanced level features this modern era requires, then alternatives to OBS Studio are a must to be search out for. You can find the list of such top-rated software applications for your specific OS supportable system I-e for Windows as well as for Mac.

Here we have enlisted such top-class alternatives which have the power to heal your screen recordings so if you're a YouTuber with numerous subscribers, a gamer with the best gaming videos, or a lecturer who have this necessity of editing screen recordings to make it more effective for the audience, then you're at the perfect place!

Part 1
Alternatives to OBS for Windows

In this section, we have specifically enlisted the Windows OS-compatible OBS alternatives that can run smoothly on your Windows systems. Although OBS Studio runs fine on your Windows PC it has several limitations that are not in compliance with today's need. Hence in this regard, you might consider alternatives for OBS for your windows OS. Find out the list below:

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a general premium application that comes pre-stacked with the most recent and most appealing highlights which areas indicated by the need for this cutting-edge period. With various alternatives for customization of your video ventures, Wondershare DemoCreator yield recordings are both fun and expert looking which shows your motivation.

The reason this software is the most ideal decision is based on its extraordinary simple to-utilize highlights features like modest expense and easy to understand interface with a touch to editing capacity to the recorded videos. Consider the following features of this masterpiece:

Website: Wondershare DemoCreator

Key Features:

  • Aside from the screen recording capability, this software also allows you to overlay your webcam video into the live recordings which is very much helpful for tutorial point of view
  • With a whole new section for video editing, this software allows you to edit your recorded video just after you are done with your screen recording through this software.
  • The best specification about this masterpiece is that it has a separate editing tool for both Audio and Video parts of your screen recordings. This means now you can do the customized screen recordings with the specifications of volume, filters, transitions, and much more with this screen recorder.

If you want to get the comparison of DemoCreator vs OBS Studio >> to learn more details.


Bandicam is just another alternative to OBS Studio which tends to record your screen happenings with convenience and effectiveness. This convenient software devours less memory however can do the post-production tasks to your screen recordings like managing and editing the screen of your Windows. This tool also guarantees the high dimensions of your screen recordings which are being caught during your recording actions.

Website: Bandicam

Key Features:

  • Bandicam has default presets keys which can be utilized as an apprentice to begin catching your screen movements in an effective manner
  • With the broadly acceptable interface of the screen recordings, Bandicam also permits you to render your recorded Windows screen in AVI and MP4 formats so you can have no problem with post sharing.
  • You can likewise overlay your face while recording the talks or meetings on Game recordings or lecture recordings in the event which you need to record for later on purposes.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an extraordinary decision for an alternative to OBS Studio as it allows you to design the webcam and screen chronicles simultaneously. With an appealing and intuitive interface, you can control up your online sessions, gaming clips, and YouTube sessions with the traditional video editing tools that surface with the screen recorder of this product. Movavi has an easy to use interface that is a straightforward tool for post-editing of screen recordings.

Website: Movavi Screen Recorder

Key Features:

  • With its straight forward interface, you can undoubtedly clean your recording drawbacks with the effective tools of this product.
  • You can legitimately share your screen recording videos which are being edited by this screen recording tool to your google drive or YouTube channel which helps your audience to watch the missed session in an eye-catchy way.
  • This screen recorded also allows you to render your screen recordings in super HD quality with the best transitions broadly appalling by the end-users of your screen recordings.

iSpring Suite

A powerful and handy screen recorder alternative to OBS studio, iSpring Suite is a software planned explicitly for this reason. It has a featureful domain explicit to the eLearning reason utilizing online sessions with the help of which you can make tests to your recorded segments, course playlists, test system for learning purposes, and substantially more. This complete suite of screen recorders comes up with an intuitive interface for the users so you can learn this software tool easily and effectively.

Website: iSpring Suite

Key Features:

  • With the professional level video editing features, you would be able to shape your screen sessions into a well proficient and efficient playlist which can end up being a finished course plan.
  • This iSpring Suite has an incredible quality of output video which is being rendered after you've done your post-production editing on your screen recordings.
  • iSpring Suite also gives you access to record the long tail screen recordings without any hesitation or annoying notifications which limits you to record the long session course content.


This ideal screen recorder has the special feature of broadcasting your screen recordings to your audience in real-time. This means with this Windows compatible screen recorder; you can directly share your screen recordings to your audience in a live session. This handy tool also has its video editor which gives you access to polish your screen recordings for later uploading purposes. This screen recorder can empower your live recordings to the next level which can bring a fine mass of audience to your channel videos.

Website: Screencast-O-Matic

Key Features:

  • This powerful tool tends to edit your recorded videos so you can fulfill any drawbacks to your screen recordings.
  • Screencast-O-Matic is also a lightweight screen recorder which means it doesn't affect your gaming or online session while running in the background for capturing your windows screen. It has allowed you to adjust the audio during recordings.
  • You can also use its direct sharing feature which can make your live videos shareable in just a few moments with the globally accepted MP4 format.

Part 2
Alternatives to OBS for Mac

Meanwhile discussing the Windows-compatible screen recorders alternatives to OBS Studio, we have also remembered Mac users and to bring good luck while finding the best alternative compatible for macOS. We have shortlisted these enlisted screen recorders which have a monopoly in the macOS world. Find out about these software applications below:

Wondershare UniConverter

A software by Wondershare, Wondershare UniConverter is the best alternative if you are searching for an alternative for OBS Studio with Mac compatibility. This software tends to polish your screen recordings in a post-production phase which will surely satisfy your audience and force them to wait for more videos. It has the power of bringing special effects features to your boring screen recordings so whether you're a gamer, a session coordinator, or a viewer, you'll surely enjoy the output videos of this screen recorder.

Website: Wondershare UniConverter

Key Features:

  • With its powerful yet intuitive interface, you can easily go through your screen recordings and edit them with the best transitions and other effects right from your MacBook.
  • You can also use their webcam feature which shall overlay your face within the video recording if you want to include your live actions to your videos as well. You can also add the overlay video in the post-production phase.
  • You can also take screenshots with this screen recorder so if you need to save the specific part of your screen, then you can do it with this toolkit by Wondershare.


Another top-rated alternative to OBS, ScreenFlow screen recorder is a Mac compatible software with the help of which you can record fine quality screen recordings on your MacBook. It has a huge number of users which either uses this software for screen capturing or screenshot taking toolkit because it also allows you to edit your screenshots in real-time. The ScreenFlow can enhance your screen recordings with the advanced level effects which can bring life to the activities you want to capture via this software.

Website: ScreenFlow

Key Features:

  • ScreenFlow has the tendency of super HD quality recordings which lets you create powerful videos right from your Mac device.
  • It also has the audio specifications menu while recording your Mac screen, which lets you customize your audio section of live recording.
  • It also has the stock library which has some built-in effects and titles so you can add and demonstrate the focus part of your screen recordings


A renowned screen recorder in the Mac world, Camtasia is considered to be a fine choice while searching for alternatives for OBS Studio as it has the MacBook compatibility as well. You can do a lot more than screen recording with this intuitive screen recorder. With the new screen recording experience, you have no beginner level issues with this user-friendly toolkit.

Website: Camtasia

Key Features:

  • Compatible for macOS, Camtasia allows you to do advance level video editing to your screen recordings. It doesn't matter with Camtasia if you're doing a game tutorial or a course session, you can do a lot of editing work with this powerful screen recorder.
  • It has the efficiency of customizing the audio part of your screen recordings so if you want to make it a high-quality course playlist, you can do without any inconvenience with this software.
  • Camtasia also has direct access to YouTube and social media platforms which enables you to share your masterpiece with this screen recorder in real-time.


A quality alternative to OBS, QuickTime is a real-time screen recorder tool that can do the broadcasting of your screen as well. This software has its cloud service linked which ensures the integrity and efficiency of the live session to the MacBook users.

Website: QuickTime

Key Features:

  • With this handy toolkit, you can add several titles and explanatory notes to your screen recording videos in a super easy manner.
  • QuickTime captures the high-quality video of your screen which you can upload in high-quality to your channel of social media account.
  • It also allows you to take a screenshot, customize the recorded screen, and crop the screen recording videos.


Snagit is considered as a cool alternative to OBS as it has a decent and user-friendly interface which lets beginners edit their screen recordings on their MacBook. So if you are new to this niche, you can easily get used to this screen recorder within no time.

Website: Snagit

Key Features:

  • You can record your MacBook screen with this toolkit as long as you want it to because Snagit has no limitation of recording tenure.
  • It has also some powerful compression technology which allows you to render your screen recordings with less time and effective memory.
  • You can also record webinars with Snagit and in addition to recording, you can also edit the recordings with this software built-in recorder.


With the above top-rated alternatives to OBS Studio, you can now do your screen recordings with a lot more than just the recording as the video editing industry has its fame. This article has given you the best screen recorders accessible in the market so you can utilize your sessions, gaming tutorials, and course classes more effectively and save them for future purposes.

Without a doubt, the best screen recorder for completing your recorded playlists is the one that can carry life to your exhausting and tedious screen recordings. In any case, here's the kicker as we have enrolled the best accessible toolkit with which you can compellingly fathom your low-quality screen recordings. Here's the main concern of this article which rotates around finding the best among the other screen recording software which has downsides of either restricted time accounts or restricted highlights accessibility, subsequently we suggest going for an excessively convenient like Wondershare DemoCreator which under all the cases, have the feasible output and outstanding features.

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