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Creating a YouTube channel is a dream that is seen by every other human being in this modern age. Due to rising popularity and technological advancement, YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. If you see the numbers, the platform has 2 billion active subscribers. In addition to this, 79% of Internet users have their own accounts on this video sharing platform. Seeing these figures, you can have a rough idea about how much people love creating and sharing videos on YouTube.

But today, we are not here to talk about the popularity of YouTube. In fact, we are here to address one of the major concerns that users have while creating and sharing videos on this platform. The issue does not lie in creating and sharing but lies between these two phases. Yes! You guessed it right. Users are facing issues while editing their videos. While creating and sharing videos on YouTube is a piece of cake, the major point of pain is editing them. And this is the reason users are in search of best online video editor for YouTube. If you are one of these users, then my friend, you are in the right place. Today we will address the elephant in the room and solve this issue by offering you the top 7 online video editors for YouTube. Read below for more information.

Part 1: Top 7 YouTube Video Editors

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a web program that makes it simple for anybody to make striking social media graphics, single-page websites, and promotional videos. Users get three applications in one: Spark Video, Spark Post, and Spark Pages. For the making of easy animated videos, users can use Spark Video and can edit their videos, add user voiceovers, icons, and images, add music tracks, and more. Spark Video allows you to swiftly make easy promotional videos. Users can also provide their own text and images. You can also use pictures offered by Spark. And you can select background music in the app. Making videos can be complicated and Spark Video makes it simple to make an easy, short promotional clip.

adobe spark

Other features comprise the capability of adding captions, adjusting the video size, and setting the text and title. You can share clips through custom hyperlinks or by downloading the clip and sharing it with the website of your choice. The maximum video resolution offered by the app is 720 pixels, and while the quality is not super great, it is enough for most users' needs. In some scenarios, such as seeing on smartphones, this may be an advantage owing to faster download times. Adobe Spark videos can be almost 30 seconds long. Since they are developed designed to be promotional clips, the short duration is appropriate.


  • Multiple fonts
  • Design-templates
  • Color & font customizations
  • Image upload
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • One-click updates
  • Web page design
  • Design resizing
  • Branded content management
  • Text overlays
  • Professional themes
  • Customizable branding
  • Cross-device sync
  • Audio import
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • Personalized branded templates
  • Video creation

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is basically an online video editing platform, and perhaps one of the best online video editors for YouTube, that comes with a range of exciting tools. Currently, thousands of teachers and students are employing it daily in order to make quality classroom assignments, lessons, and entertainment clips. In addition to this, people are using this website as a powerful educational platform. The app is a perfect meme maker. You can add a text caption easily either below or above or both on your clips. Also, it has sound effects editor. Users are offered the ability to add different sounds from a huge library of effects. Moreover, the app is also a subtitle maker, where you can type and also time out any text on top of your video on an overlay. Furthermore, users can make any video longer by just playing it on repeat mode. The app also allows tons of filters. You can easily regulate both the lighting and the color.

kapwing video editor

In addition to this, users also get stop motion, where they can add stop motion "effect" with any of their current videos. If you want to trim the clip to any specific time, you can do it easily. With the built-in resizer, you can easily fit or crop the clips to the ideal aspect ratio for different social media channels. Lastly, users get montage makers, where they can mix different pictures as well as videos into one continuous video.

There is no requirement for sign-in, registration, or account setup. Students do not have to sign in, and the teachers do not have to handle the accounts. Users can immediately and easily upload any photo, video, or even a GIF for editing purposes without signing in. In addition to this, there is no need for any software updates or installation as it is a YouTube video editor online which is always updated and does not need anything to download. The platform is free to use, and you do not have to invest any money out of your budget. It is and will always stay free to use. There is an extra benefit of the platform that it works on Macs, Chromebooks, Windows, iPads, and all other kinds of devices. It does not have any distracting video content or ads. It is a platform that does not have any content that distracts users.

In addition to this, it works well with YouTube, Google Drive, and many more. Both teachers and students can easily paste a Drive, GIPHY, Vimeo, YouTube, or a different URL to edit any current video or even recycle any element that any other user has created. It is very easy to use. All of the features of this online video editing platform are developed for users who have no experience in editing video. You do not need any technical tutorials. You have to just visit the platform and you are good to go.


  • Speed adjustment
  • Brand overlay
  • Audio tools
  • Supports HD resolution
  • Split / Merge
  • Collaboration
  • Text overlay

3. Biteable

Biteable is an online free video editor, helpful for sharing and creating exciting slideshows and animations. It is a great video editing tool, simple to use, and perfect for making promotions and announcements. In fact, videos have now become a mainstream method to showcase your marketing activity or to promote your services and products online. With the platform you can make videos that attract the attention of everyone, inserting pre-animated music, lyrics scenes, and animated styles! You can select to use predefined styles or templates ranging from infographics to animation or images. Every template is a bunch of 3-5-second scenarios. For every scene, you can edit the font, content, and length. You can add more scenes to the templates and duplicate them till you have your clip. You can select several styles such as animation, infographic, stock footage, or clay, and each style has a huge range of pre-created scenes so you will be capable of finding one to suit your film.


Users also need to select a color scheme from a series of pre-made themes or they can add in their brand colors. Last editing thing is to select the audio for your clip. The platform again provides a wide series of various audio files to well-match your video's most emotions. Once you have changed the text, made the scenes, added audio and colors, the platform develops your video. The platform also keeps growing its functions and online video library and now has a particular social media video to offer your Instagram and Facebook videos that Biteable look!


  • Customizable branding
  • Media library
  • Templates
  • Social sharing
  • Animation
  • Text overlay

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-based and simple-to-use video sharing and editing platform for businesses, schools, and third-party media. The platform is developed to enable users to create, view, capture, and even share videos at high resolutions. It is a fully-featured, powerful platform that uses JumpStart tech to transform the video editing landscape. The multi-platform video editor offers a smooth editing experience due to its support for different formats of audio, video, graphics, and images. It also provides a set of features that allow for the hassle-free creation of stunning videos within no time. Some of its major features include; WeVideo JumpStart, 720p video resolution, Motion titles, Cloud storage, Green screen, Screencasting, Slow motion, Music library, and Voiceover. Moreover, all plans come with advanced text editing, multi-track editing and storyboard, customizable environment, built-in graphics, and file & media manager.


The platform has a simple UI that makes enhanced video editing easier. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, the platform allows you to create great clips with ease. It shows a simple layout offering advanced and basic features that offer you the entire creative control to use your imagination. It also uses the JumpStart technology that makes video editing simple and quick. This exclusive tech allows you to immediately begin editing in the cloud without having to wait for locally saved files to load.

One more essential feature of the platform is its cloud-based structure. This brings a collaboration benefit and lets you invite other users to make various edits on the same project. The cloud storage paired with its cross-platform features allows you to work anywhere and anytime. It offers the flexibility to mix earlier uploaded clips with the locally saved media at the same time. Moreover, you do not have to be concerned about compatibility—the application operates well on any device comprising Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebook.

This YouTube video editor online download also offers different video editing modes that make it simple to convert ideas into superb videos. For example, the storyboard lets you easily make stunning videos in minutes. However, the timeline mode offers more enhanced features for the experts. It offers you the chance to mix and match more than 600 formats of audio, video, and images with the help of a green screen, special effects, graphics, speed control, and more.


  • WeVideo JumpStart
  • 720p video resolution
  • Motion titles
  • Cloud storage
  • Green screen
  • Screencasting
  • Slow-motion
  • Music library
  • Multi-track editing and storyboard
  • Voiceover
  • Guilt in graphics
  • Advanced text editing
  • File & media manager
  • Customizable environment

5. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free video editor that suffices all the video editing requirements. It is actually very simple to get started and operate smoothly. It lets you edit 5 videos monthly for free and get more free video credits for each other by inviting other users to become Clipchamp members. It is an editor online video YouTube without needing to download any software to use. You just have to register an account to use it. The app offers fast speed, converts video format smoothly, and has a simple interface. It offers output with a high-quality video even with the free edition. The free version provides a certain usage quota. The app is convenient for small tasks such as format conversion, video cropping, retouching, and compression without the requirement for relatively complicated video editing software. It also supports converting video into an animated GIF.


Clipchamp is easy and simple to use. Even though it is not an advanced level video editor, it can suffice common trivial needs for video editing. The app is a modern video maker that has all the basic editing features you require to operate on video projects. Available features include cutting, trimming, speed control, rotating, cropping, and more. You can also add audio tracks, text, and images, apply filters, and adjust colors. You can use the platform to create videos with your own clips or add pro media assets from the pal form's stock library. The platform even has an easy and quick Facebook Ad Maker tool for different needs.


  • User interface
  • Animations
  • Video sharing
  • Upload video or audio file
  • Video and image management
  • Unlimited track
  • Title editor
  • Trim & slice
  • Video effect
  • Keyframes
  • Audio waveform
  • Desktop integration

6.  InVideo

InVideo allows you to skip through the complicated video editing process with ready-made templates suitable for any type of video, from sports to technology to Instagram-made posts. To start, just choose a particularly-developed template, then copy-paste your clip. Then, begin narrating your story with a library from InVideo with millions of royalty-free videos and stunning pictures that go with your message. Tap on "Quick Edit" and the smart engine of InVideo does all the tasks by making a scene with your personalized text.


In addition to this, you have full control with the ability to extend or trim clips, loop video, crop the frame, and change the volume. In addition to this, you can add overlays, stickers, GIFs, and effects or go even use Advanced Editing features. To make certain your clips are as perfect as you wish them to be, you can preview your video. Once you have made the decision that everything is good to go, you will be able to export a good-quality high definition video, which is rendered within no time.

All you need to do is add music from the collection of InVideo which is copyright-free music. Select from any mood, from dramatic to electronic to happy. The options are limitless with InVideo, from educational and informational videos to sing-along videos to stock ticker updates. Marketers, publishers, and small businesses alike employ InVideo to make engaging clips without complication or time spent on the computer. Some video making and editing tools are complicated and have unwanted menu items that irritate users. Others are so simple that your video seems like it was put together by a child. With InVideo, users are getting a bunch of hundreds of pre-made design elements, templates, advanced editing features, an extensive media library, and the flexibility to make their videos their way.


  • Video making
  • Animation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Customizable branding
  • Drag & drop
  • Media library
  • Privacy options
  • Social sharing
  • Templates
  • Text overlay
  • Text to video
  • Video capture
  • Voice-over

7. Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video marketing website that offers marketing teams with the ability to efficiently promote brand awareness, communicate the value of their services or products, and gain more users by editing, creating, and sharing customizable video contents online. The platform is also developed to streamline sales processes and improve the delivery of customer support. Using this platform, it is very easy to make videos. Marketing professionals and teams can create awesome clips from images as well as create videos directly within the software they are using daily.


Hippo Video is integrated with a video editor that makes it simple for consumers to edit their videos. This tool allows them to add emojis, texts, and callouts to clips so users can know clearly what the clips are trying to tell. They can also hide specific objects or areas within a clip by blurring them out as well as include narrations. Hippo Video is a powerful website since it assists marketers to convert possible users to loyal customers. The website allows them to launch tactical video marketing campaigns that encourage consumers to take action instantly. This is made possible by including call-to-actions to images, videos, forms, and URL links. Call-to-actions can be set up to redirect viewers to a specific webpage or website.

When it comes to distributing and sharing videos online, the platform provides several ways to do that. Users can distribute clips through email, share clips on social networking websites, or embed videos onto an application or website. While distributing and sharing clips, the platform also guarantees that these videos are secured. Passwords can be integrated and expiry dates can be set as consumers share video links. The platform provides features targeted at enhancing how viewers interact with video content. To increase engagements of video, the platform lets users to say something about a clip by including comments. Users can also record their own clips to clarify why they are satisfied with a service or product or point out problems they are facing. Hippo Video offers the data consumers require so they can gauge and study the performance of their marketing campaigns.


  • Create videos from images
  • Create videos effortlessly
  • Fast, simple video editor
  • Create videos inside tools
  • Communicate with the annotation tool
  • Powerful, professional video editor
  • Add annotations, call-to-actions, lead generation forms, and CRM forms
  • Video player customization
  • Suggest another video
  • Add quizzes or polls
  • Protect and control your videos with privacy
  • Easy and secure video sharing
  • Video hosting
  • Integrations
  • Powerful transcoding
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Video categories
  • Add subtitles
  • Viewers can react and comment on videos
  • Video engagement
  • Video testimonials
  • Receive life notifications
  • Ask customers to record issues
  • Collect video feedback & surveys
  • Track your video performance with detailed analytics

Part 2: Best YouTube Video Editor Software

If you are looking for the best YouTube video editor software, then Wondershare DemoCreator is the perfect tool. You can quickly capture your presentations along with narrations to show a product to customers or report data to your team. In addition to this, you can also create training videos or online courses for student assignments, flipped & blended classrooms, and professional development. Moreover, you can also record your webcam or screen with DemoCreator to share your life experience, expertise, and more. Additionally, you can also capture the best gaming moments, share your gaming experiences, and add narrations and reviews with the world. The simple UI makes it simple for everybody to record a video. You are allowed to record the microphone, system sound, or webcam as per your needs. Also, you can set the resolutions before capturing to make sure the recordings come with enhanced quality.

Step 1: Download and install the tool. After launching the software, drag and drop the video that you want to edit to the timeline or to the Preview Window. This can be done by selecting the video from the Media Library. Next, right-click the video and tap on the "Add to the timeline at playhead" option.

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Step 2: Select the video and hover the cursor to the edge of the video until a logo appears. Next, drag it backward or forward to slash the unnecessary end or start. You can also add a Marker on the video and then perform the editing from the Marker point to trim accurately.

Step 3: Here, you get the option to mute the video or remove the audio. To mute the video, you need to right-click on the video and tap on the Mute Audio option.

mute audios

Step 4: Choose the video in your timeline and modify the Rotation settings in the Visual Property section to rotate a video.

rotate videos

Step 5: To resize a video in the Preview Window, you will need to head to the Visual Property and modify the percentage.

Step 6: Users can also split their clips into different videos and then edit them as well. Place the playhead over the video you wish to divide. Next, right-click on the video and tap the "Split" option.

split video

Step 7: Users can also crop their video in Crop mode. All they need to do is tap on the Crop option. Next, drag the white handles to choose the part of the video you need to crop down to.

Part 3: Related FAQs

1. Does YouTube have a video editor?

Yes, YouTube provides its own built-in, free editor to assist users to edit their videos. In addition to this, Google made some changes to the tool a couple of years back.

2. How do you edit YouTube videos for beginners?

Editing YouTube videos for beginners can be done without any trouble using in the Wondershare DemoCreator. The software's simple UI makes it easy for newbies to learn. In addition to this, the software does not need any technical background to get used to.

3. What is the best free YouTube video editor?

Wondershare DemoCreator is the best free YouTube video editor. This is due to the different advanced and basic editing functions provided by the tool, thereby making the process of editing videos a piece of cake.


If you want to make a good YouTube video script >> to learn more details.


Having said that, you just had a look at the top 7 online video editors for YouTube. These online platforms are easy to use and can suffice your different editing needs. However, these websites run on the Internet, and hence an on-premise tool such as Wondershare DemoCreator can be a good backup option to have. The software is easy to use and is the best option available in the market for now. In addition to this, we also had a look at different FAQs that users might have while editing and sharing YouTube videos online.

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